Hip Implants

ProfemurMicroPort has been in orthopedic implants for over 60 years. All of our hip and knee implants are made in the USA at our manufacturing facility in Arlington, Tennessee. Our manufacturing facility is a world-class operation utilizing state-of-the-art robotics to ensure precision.

MicroPort’s total joint implants are intended to be used to treat patients with hip or knee joints damaged by severe arthritis or a failed previous surgery. The implants are intended to give patients improved mobility by reducing pain and restoring movement in the joint.

Your surgeon will use a combination of MicroPort products to replace your hip joint. These could include a Profemur® hip stem and a Dynasty® acetabular shell.

Profemur® Hip Stems

The Profemur® Hip System offers a range implant designs to best replicate natural patient anatomy.  Implant size, fixation, and surgical technique are all considerations that the surgeon will make to choose the implant that will best achieve full function and a faster recovery for each individual patient.

There are risks associated with hip replacement surgery such as pain and bruising, damage to blood vessels or nerves, infection, or blood clots that can travel to your heart or lungs. If you experience these complications, your hospital stay may be extended.

Dynasty® Acetabular Cup System

The Dynasty® Acetabular Cup System provides surgeons with intraoperative flexibility by offering a variety of sizes. This system has large ball-and-socket sizes for maximal range of motion and a large jump distance (the distance the ball must travel before dislocation).

Once you have healed, there is the possibility that the bone surrounding the hip or knee implant may lose its ability to support the device or the device may wear out. If this occurs, additional surgery may be required to replace it.