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Steve, SuperPath® Technique Patient
Steve, SuperPath® Technique Recipient

45 year-old Steve of Memphis has led an active lifestyle for much of his life. Playing sports, such as tennis and golf, have kept Steve in shape and mobile. However, little did he know that a single pain in his left hip would force him to give up the sports … Read More ....

David, SuperPath® Technique Patient
David, SuperPath® Technique Recipient

Thanks to the outstanding weather in Southern California, David, a 57-year old resident of Rancho San Diego, Calif., could often be found outside walking his dog, playing golf or soaking up the sun. His active lifestyle included plenty of time at the gym as well, but little did David know … Read More ....

Tom, SuperPath® Technique Patient
Tom SuperPath® Technique Recipient

Tom, a 42-year-old resident of Waseca, MN enjoys an active lifestyle. Between his job as a utility lineman and his love of outdoor activities, Tom was always on the move. However, when chronic pain developed in his left hip in 2006, he feared that he would have to make some … Read More ....

Kay, SuperPath® Technique Patient
Kay, SuperPath® Technique Recipient

64 year-old Kay of Rosemount, MN has run a daycare for more than 40 years. Taking long walks and playing with children is part of her everyday routine, but when she began to experience pain in her hips, Kay worried that she would have to make some unwanted changes to … Read More ....