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Tory, SuperPath® Technique Patient
Tory, SuperPath® Technique Recipient

Tory, a 27 year old resident of Phoenix, never expected that a debilitating hip condition would force him to give up some of his favorite activities, such as golfing and swimming, at such a young age. However, in 2011, that’s exactly what happened.

It started as a dull pain that … Read More ....

Lucille, SuperPath® Technique Patient
Lucille, SuperPath® Technique Recipient

Lucille is a 64-year-old Boca Raton resident who enjoys an active lifestyle. However, the wear and tear of years of golfing, swimming, hiking and yoga eventually took a toll on her joints. In 2007, she had her right knee replaced and because x-rays revealed arthritis in her right hip, her … Read More ....

Cheshire, SuperPath® Technique Patient
Cheshire, SuperPath® Technique Recipient

Cheshire, a 58-year-old Phoenix, Ariz. resident, first began experiencing stiffness in her right hip in 2005. Routine activities such as doing yard work were causing her pain and it was becoming increasingly more difficult to go on hikes. She consulted her physician who took X-rays and diagnosed her with arthritis.… Read More ....

Betsy, SuperPath® Technique Patient
Betsy, SuperPath® Technique Recipient

Betsy, a 63 year old resident of West Palm Beach, will never take the “small things” for granted again. While most people think nothing of crossing their legs during a conversation, quickly hopping in and out of the car or taking a leisurely stroll during a warm summer day, these … Read More ....