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Laureen, SuperPath® Technique Patient
Laureen, SuperPath® Technique Recipient

Laureen, a 70 year old resident of Boynton Beach, Fla., recently discovered a love of golf and routinely played several times per week. However, a deteriorating right hip forced her to give up the game and she feared that her hiatus may become permanent.

The pain started as a dull … Read More ....

Dick, SuperPath® Technique Patient
Dick, SuperPath® Technique Recipient

Dick isn’t your average 77 year old. While many people his age may start to slow down, Dick’s recreational calendar is still full, as the Owatonna resident golfs and bowls regularly. A typical weekend may include an outing to the golf course or bowling alley, attending one of his grandchildren’s … Read More ....

Scott, SuperPath® Technique Patient
Scott, SuperPath® Technique Recipient

Scott, a 51 year old resident of Gilbert, Ariz., rarely sits down. From his job as a handyman, his interest in civil rights and work as a musician, he and his wife are constantly on the move. When he isn’t working, at a gig or attending a rally, he spends … Read More ....