Surgeon Experiences

SuperPath® Hip Replacement is a differentiated total hip technique being performed by a growing number of experienced surgeons.

Michael Anderson, MD
Michael Anderson, MD

“SuperPath® is the best of all surgical approaches to the hip that I have used.  It is innovative and allows for easy adaptation by the surgeon and surgical team.  Patients have a faster hospital recovery with less pain. It is my current approach for total hip arthroplasty in the Read More ....

Bob Atkenson, MD
Dr. Bob Atkenson, MD

“The SuperPath® hip replacement technique has become my surgical approach of choice In my experience, the tissue sparing nature of the SuperPath®surgical approach is unique among hip replacement procedures. In most circumstances there are no implant choice or postoperative patient bending restrictions. My brother (Dr. Paul Atkenson, Read More ....

Paul Atkenson, MD
Dr. Paul Atkenson, MD

“SuperPath® hip replacement, by virtue of its tissue sparing nature, results in minimal post operative pain, rapid rehabilitation and no postoperative bending restrictions. Unlike minimally invasive surgical approaches, SuperPath® does not restrict implant choice or compromise surgical exposure. It avoids unnatural twisting or strained positions and preserves the Read More ....

Peter Blessey, MD
Peter Blessey, MD

“SuperPath® hip is an approach that just makes sense. It is another step forward in making a great operation even better.”

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